The Colossus

from Colossus by Everson Poe



inspired by the game "shadow of the colossus"


[we’re borne of the earth
assembled from dust + stone
towering up from the ground below
we’re borne of the earth
but of our own accord
masters of our own fate]

(galloping hooves
the muscles contract
this steed possesses
that which i lack
borne of the sky
with air in my lungs
i will ride and ride
until they come
churning the dirt
burning my hands
i will dig and dig
with my face in the sand
when the rapture begins
i’ll reach up my arms
and pull the gods down)

[a rider approaches]
(this tower before me is shaped like a man)
[and ascends my stony limbs]
(i climb and climb, hand over hand)
[as i step, the earth does tremble]
(the movements do shake me, but i will not fall)
[he seeks the mark upon my skin]
(this sword as my ally, the mark in its thrall)

[we’re borne of the earth
witness to all that is
omnipotent but alone
borne of the earth
darkness our only kin
our weakness, in sunlight, is exposed]

(thunderous steps
the muscles contract
this beast can’t shake me
off its back
blind to the truth
and bound to the lie
succumbed to the gospel
they were defied
borne of the sky
the sun is my guide
the gods will fall
or take my life
the rapture has come
the end of all days
i believe that i can save us)

[with sword in hand]
(the sunlight flows through me, strengthening me)
[the mark does glow]
(with all of my might, i vanquish thee)
[he plunges deep]
(the sword in my hands, my task is complete)
[my dark blood flows]
(but darkness creeps inside of me)

(what is this darkness in me?
i’ll pry it out, i will be clean)

[the sky will fall
the earth will crack]
(i will raise up my sword and fight)
[the hearts of men
will all turn black]
(i will turn every stone to dust)

[we will rain death upon you]
(i will rain death upon you)


from Colossus, released March 14, 2013
mae - guitars, bass, keyboards, growls, & screams
norine - vocals
matt walker - drums




Everson Poe Chicago, Illinois

Everson Poe is Mae Shults: a trans, queer, multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. Often in collaboration with various vocalists, she balances elements from many diverse genres while maintaining the goal of merging beauty with loudness. She has been releasing music for over a decade, and has been signed to Trepanation Recordings since 2020.

Logo by Sludgework.
Avatar by Unknown Relic.
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