four deaths

by Everson Poe

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at the edge of the precipice at the threshold i’ve stood once before i am my own nemesis i’m the wolf at the door oh my shame stake the claim dig into flesh with my hands i’ll excise the lie stretch the skin gangrenous, rotting within i will never be clean break the bones finding the sculpture in stone no matter the cost birth from death sacrifice all that i have i will never be free take this pain what is left? light the flame burn the rest why must i hide death in my eyes? why does the truth feel like a lie? bring your dead heed the call on my shame we will fall
the dais 09:21
unburdened by time accursed immortal a vaporous form a rapturous sound an altar of flame a sacrifice given the life of a man for power unbound the gods won’t hear your prayers the mighty ones are gone the ruin of men is here the winter, everlong the storm has begun the snow falls forever surrounded by ice a warmth at its core the dais remains the altar aflame born from filth bathed in blood ice will melt rain will flood he drinks the poison he tastes the earth he weds the emptiness he breathes a curse a plague upon the conscience a plague upon the mind forgotten tongues recite the verse to leave this world behind he floats into the ether as if a dying sun the life within his bosom fades and so his will is done
the well 04:55
in the center of the woods that surround my home nearly obscured, there lies a single well dug to the deepest reaches a gateway into hell the well can not be sealed the well can not be filled with stones in the center of my body bathed in filth nearly obscured, there lies a gaping hole dug into flesh like a lesion a void within my soul the wound can not be sealed the wound can not be filled with blood the wound can not be drained the wound will bring the flood when the dark water rises we shall bathe in its glory when the water overflows we shall drown in sorrow a flooded forest floor a weight upon my back a breath to fill my lungs a tempest in the black the wound becomes the well the well becomes my home the trees will hide me here in death i am alone
the walls of this castle cannot acquiesce to contain the multitude of your sins but the stones of its passages remain fortified enough to imprison me in this oubliette the moss grows thick upon these walls illuminated by the moon a witch’s breath will i now draw a spell to free me from this tomb make me the object of your wrath give unto me your hidden rage i will become the thing you fear as you begin to rot with age a secret known to precious few and given shape by your desire the magics harnessed in my veins will bring the death that you require savage sacred coven sanguine heathen demon we summon forth our mother’s swollen womb to birth salvation to bring about your doom among the trees our magic, ancient rites unearthly demon infect them with your blight sanctity defiled sacrament in spite purity of spirit prurient delight transcend the boundaries of our flesh our fate was never set in stone


released February 23, 2019

written, performed, produced, recorded, & mixed by mae shults at hell's half acre studio, chicago, 2018-2019
cover photo by ashley kamin
cover design by nina helene hirten

thank you • sarah, justine, nina, alex & tiff, mom & dad, mac & dan, & ashley




Everson Poe Chicago, Illinois

Everson Poe is Mae Shults: a trans, queer, multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. Often in collaboration with various vocalists, she balances elements from many diverse genres while maintaining the goal of merging beauty with loudness. She has been releasing music for over a decade, and has been signed to Trepanation Recordings since 2020.

Logo by Sludgework.
Avatar by Unknown Relic.
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